About Us

"It's not the magnitude of your matter that matters - it's your mindset!"

Lisa Stenson

Certified* Business & Leadership Coach


Who am I?

My three favourite words are; perseverance, perspective, and energy. These words describe my character, and my personal values. Originally from Canada, I have had the opportunity to both live and work in many different countries and experience different cultures. I speak both English and Swedish, but specialise in Swenglish! I love the challenge of playing golf, and more than anything the excitement of travelling together with Johan and our four kids.


How will I bring out the best in you?

I will dare to ask you the questions that you may not dare to ask yourself in the most respectful, yet challenging way. I will focus on supporting you in seeing your challenges, as well as in making choices that allow you to utilise your strengths as both an individual and a leader. I will be an alliance and connection that you can always confide in, that will challenge you to be your best, yet never judge you.


What inspires me?

Connecting with you as a leader to support you in developing your individual strengths as well as optimising the potential of your team and your business. I am also inspired to learn new ways of how I can best support and challenge leaders to be their best, and make a difference that sticks.

What can I offer you?

With a diverse background from various global and local organisations in the areas of Marketing, Product Development, Communication and HR, I believe I can offer you as both a coach and facilitator different perspectives on how to approach your own development as a leader as well as developing the performance of your team and business.




Johan Stenson

Certified* Business & Leadership Coach


Who am I?

I am a Göteborgare with a heart beating for Värmland. People describe me as calm and empathetic, as well as a great listener. A person with a sharp sense of humour that not only makes you laugh, but also makes you think. I am passionate about relationships and connections with people and I believe that there is always a hidden potential in the dynamic between people. I am curious to bring this potential to life!


What do I strive for?

There is nothing like the feeling when interacting with a client, fully in the moment and the silence, listening with all my senses and then asking a question that makes THE difference. That is the energy I strive for in each connection I make. I value relationships with people. I value leadership and how great leadership combined with engaged teams can mean THE difference.


What inspires me?

My passion for building cross-cultural and cross-functional relations is key when coaching individuals and teams in driving change, instead of surrendering to it. I believe there is nothing too serious that we cannot laugh about from time to time. Humour is the essence of my passion, and it inspires me to see the opportunities, more often than the challenges.


How can you benefit from my experience?

My 20 years as a leader and coach have given me insight on what leadership and group dynamics are truly about. This in combination with my technical background and perspectives as an engineer, enables me to challenge leaders and teams to focus on their mind-set and to develop new ways of collaborating and delivering results.



* Certified Business and Leadership Coaches via ABLC in connection with EMCC